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I've written a Perl version of the script found in Amarok's CopyCover scripts ...

Sorry for Python fans, but I simply can't stand that programing language !

That's why I've written from scratch, a Perl version of Aurelien Bompard's script with several enhancements :

  1. Thanks to Perl, you'll have covers for albums/artists whose names contain accents
  2. Supports AFT feature introduced within Amarok 1.4.2 (and that broke the python script I was using then)
  3. Supports sampler albums, ie you won't have to manually copy covers for those Various Artists albums you have anymore
  4. Creates .directory entries with relative pathnames, so that you can move your folder without losing its thumbnail in Konqueror

Its usage is quite simple : - v1.00
This script copies album covers found in Amarok's cache to the album directories.

Usage: [-dfhrtv] [-c <scheme>] [-s <string>]

  -c <scheme>       : use <scheme> as cover filename scheme (default: '%a - %t.png')
                                       recognized jokers in <scheme> are :
                                       '%a', which will be expanded to artist name
                                       '%t', which will be expanded to album's title
  -d                            : do not create .directory entries
  -f                             : force replacement of existing covers / .directory entries
  -h                            : this (help) message
  -r                             : remove covers from Amarok's cache once copied into albums' directories
  -s <string>          : use <string> as artist name for sampler albums (default: 'Various Artists')
  -t                            : test mode, won't perform any action
  -v                            : verbose output
  -w                           : don't warn about possible problems with locale

I've been using it for 3 weeks now, and it seems to get things done correctly.
Enjoy !

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